Lately, I have been wrestling over the idea of patience. What it means and everything it entails. It must be very important and part of the Christian life because it is a fruit of the spirit. But what does it mean to actually have patience every day? In recent events I got not one, but... Continue Reading →

Rock that Dress, Girl!

Soo, what I have noticed going through my photos over the past 4 years is that I take a lot of selfies in the mirror and ask people to take pictures of me dressed in outfits that I find I like. Now I am not that stylish, but through these photos somehow I feel confident... Continue Reading →

Never Give Up Hope

Hey yall! I am Regan and am now a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering here at UH. Growing up I lived in Rockwall, the smallest county in Texas, where I found I excelled and enjoyed Chemistry and Calculus and ended up taking the higher levels of these courses. My dad is an electrical engineer who... Continue Reading →

Dear Sisters

Dear My Two Gorgeous Sisters, First off, you both are beautiful inside and out and I look up to yall. Yall inspire me beyond what you think. You inspire me to be confident in who I am, to look good in what I am wearing, and to dance like nobody's watching. Thank you for encouraging... Continue Reading →

The Ruth Series

These past 4 weeks I have been going through the book of Ruth along with a devotional on it in the Bible App with my small group. It has been very eye opening to who God is and how even in those times Ruth, as a women was courageous and kind. Here are my thoughts... Continue Reading →

The Exuberant Spark

Usually dealing with college and all its stress, I never have time to reflect, relax, and ultimately think about my life.┬áNow on summer break, I am constantly realizing things in my workplace, classes, relationships, hometown, and in the end about myself. Society everywhere tells me many things, that I am not good enough, will never... Continue Reading →

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